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Peachstate Restoration: 
Pioneering Restoration and Construction in Georgia

Welcome to Peachstate Cleaning & Restoration, Georgia's premier restoration and construction company, where excellence meets compassion and expertise meets unwavering commitment. Since our inception in 2003, we have been at the forefront of restoration and construction services, serving the heart of Georgia with a sense of duty and a commitment to excellence that is unmatched in our industry. As a locally owned and operated company, our roots are deeply embedded in the community we serve, making every project not just a job but a mission to improve, restore, and uplift.

Our Journey

Our journey began over two decades ago with a vision to create a restoration and construction company that stood out for its quality, integrity, and commitment to the communities of Georgia. With over 35 years of combined industry expertise, our founders, Jeff Dehem and Rodney McCart, embarked on this journey with a clear mission: to offer unparalleled service rooted in professionalism, technical excellence, and a deep understanding of our customer's needs. Today, Peachstate Restoration is a testament to that vision, having grown into a beacon of hope and reliability for homes and businesses facing the aftermath of disasters or seeking to bring new construction projects to life.

Expertise and Certification

At Peachstate, our commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to the highest industry standards is unwavering. We are a proud IICRC-certified firm, a testament to our dedication to excellence in restoration practices. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of services, including water extraction and drying, advanced structural drying, fire, smoke, odor control, mold remediation, and comprehensive construction and remodeling services. As licensed general contractors in Georgia, our capability to deliver end-to-end solutions ensures that our customers receive seamless, efficient, and effective restoration and construction services under one roof.

Leadership, Team, and Values

Peachstate Restoration has flourished under the guidance of Jeff Dehem and Rodney McCart, driven by a leadership team that brings together decades of industry experience, a rich background in insurance adjustment, and a shared passion for service. This unique combination of skills ensures a holistic approach to restoration and construction, where every project is handled with an intimate understanding of the insurance landscape, ensuring a smoother, more efficient customer experience.
Our team, composed of industry professionals, skilled craftsmen, and dedicated support staff, is the backbone of our success. United by a shared vision and values, we approach every project with responsiveness, compassion, honesty, and a commitment to top-quality workmanship. Communication is at the heart of our operation, ensuring our customers are informed, engaged, and satisfied at every project stage.

Community Engagement and Service

At Peachstate Restoration, our commitment extends beyond the confines of our projects. We are an integral part of the Georgia community and actively participate in local events, initiatives, and outreach programs. Our leadership and team members dedicate their time and resources to fostering a stronger, more resilient community, reflecting our belief that businesses have a pivotal role in societal upliftment and support.

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Our Services

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to address every aspect of restoration and construction, ensuring that regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, Peachstate has you covered. From the initial assessment and mitigation of damage to the final touches of a remodeling or construction project, our team works tirelessly to deliver outcomes that meet and exceed expectations.

A Future Built on Excellence and Integrity

As we look to the future, Peachstate Restoration remains committed to advancing our services, refining our practices, and continuing to serve the communities of Georgia with the same level of passion, dedication, and excellence that has become our hallmark. We are constantly exploring innovative techniques, technologies, and practices that will allow us to serve you better, reaffirming our position as your trusted partner in restoration and construction.

Join Us

We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether navigating the aftermath of a disaster, planning a new construction project, or needing expert restoration services, Peachstate Restoration is here to support you during every step. Together, we can rebuild, restore, and renew, creating a brighter, more resilient future for our community.

Experience the Peachstate difference today; let's embark on a journey of restoration, innovation, and community service together.

550 Valley Drive, Perry, GA
Hours: 24/7
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